LATEST EPISODE: Very Fun Beginnings

Jon and Jason are joined by David Cameron Walker (@D_C_W) on the opening day of the 2014-15 season. They talk returns, formation and discuss how the Championship is shaping up this season. Plus they put in a fuse, a pie and a duck in to the list of 100 Objects.

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Sunday, 31 August 2014

A Rockin' Rookery!

What a fantastic game at home to Huddersfield (Alright there were some poor patches, but the feeling I had as I left was pure joy!), and what an end!

At 3-2 up, down to 10 men, Watford were battling to secure the win against Huddersfield. Finishing off games last season had been a criticism of the squad and the crowd at Vicarage Road were starting to feel very tense.

Gabriel Angella and Daniel Tozser turned to the Rookery with a rally cry for more support and the Rookery answered - boy did they answer.

Here is what it sounded like in the last 7 minutes of the match and yes, Abdi's second goal is in there!

Was it the loudest the Rookery has ever been? Maybe not, but I've never heard it like that for a game taking place at the end of August. A sign that expectations are high for the fans and the team this season and both are prepared to do what is needed.

Monday, 25 August 2014

WFC in 100 Objects #53 - Lost Floodlight Fuse

A cracking object nominated by David Range:

On Tuesday night in April 1959, Watford were in a dire position towards the end of the season and played a ‘must win’ game at Vicarage Road against Shrewsbury. Into the second half the Hornets were 5-2 down and when the referee signalled for the floodlights to be switched on nothing happened. With the light rapidly fading, as was our chances of staying up, the ref had no alternative but to abandon the game. 

It transpired that someone had ‘borrowed’ the fuses. An inside conspiracy? who knows? It didn’t matter though Watford lost the re-arranged game 4-1 and were duly relegated. I was there and remember some fans lighting fires on the terraces.

Monday, 18 August 2014

PODCAST: Sean Dyche Anthology

On the day that Sean Dyche becomes a Premier League manager, we look back at the three interviews that we did with the Exhaust Eater. Firstly when he was Assistant to Malky Mackay, then Watford manager in his own right and finally when he returned to Vicarage Road as Burnley Manager.

Sean was always very welcoming to From The Rookery End and he always gave a fun and entertaining interview!

Good luck in the Big League Sean!